What Really, Really, Really Happened at Ongs Hat?-DarkPlanet

“Note: This is just an opinion piece based on vague feelings, concepts and ideas with no foundation in reality. I cant back up one shred of what Im talking about here. In the end Im just talking out of my ass. Read at your own discretion”By: Denny Unger

What really did happen at Ong’s Hat and has this just been one gigantic experiment in behavioral-belief system modification? We have asked the question many times and more recently we were given “another” answer (Sort of):


Open letter to conspiracy community

Nick and I decided today to publicly announce in the near future that the Ong’s Hat Project has now concluded. We will be contacting Peter L. Wilson as well and see if he’d like to make a statement. I think it would still make a good book from a cultural anthropology perspective, your call.

My program has finished running and I am being recalled from duty. I think we were successful in laying the groundwork for the coming change. The gateways are open now.

I am glad to finally be myself again: 7:37 PM PST.

PS: This is not a joke.

The Real Joe Matheny

AKA/ Michael Kelly

And one final statement:


Ong’s Hat Tantric Egg Research Center
was a necessary ruse for deflecting
attention from our real project–
to open up your conduits, brother and sisters,
to rip off the confining condom of language and
to Fuck Nature Unprotected.
Doctor Jabir
Public Relations
Quantum Tantra
Huh? I think I was mind controlled…
What eBook?
Joseph Matheny
Incunabula Research Center
Fuck Off!
Peter L. Wilson
Hakim Bey
Don’t, don’t!
Don’t unplug me!
EmoryBot 3.0
Permission to repost
Copyleft 2001

The Analysis of an Idiot

So what are we to make of these obviously humorous final statements from Joseph Matheny and friends? Well, I think the implied message is that Ong’s Hat/Incunabula was an experiment in messing with belief systems, culture jamming or whatever term suits your mood. Of course this is not an obvious assumption but with very little research you find that this is implied heavily.

It would seem that humour was used as a device to invalidate Ong/Inc as quickly and efficiently as possible. Guess what?…It worked! Strangely enough the vast majority of “Eggheads” accepted these scant comments and moved along. For such a long running , multi-faceted, controversial conspiracy don’t you find it odd how silently it ended? A whimper, a quiet breeze, an utterly boring ending to a fantastic, expansive story.

Ong’s Hat/Incunabula has always been about levels of understanding. As you research each aspect of the story you are presented with a challenge. That challenge is usually based on twisting and distorting your belief systems. For example: You find a piece of compelling info that takes you down one path only to find that its a invalid path but wait…it turns out that the path you thought was a false path is actually the correct path and so on, and so forth. This is the dance of the Incunabula. Destroying rational assumptions of what is true and what is false.

A portion of the population just wont “get” the Incunabula and will pass it off as”that weird web thing” but some are captured by it, obsessed by it’s mystery. This obsession generally lasts until that person has extracted whatever meaning is vital to them from the story. There is also another class of Incunabula explorer. This person extends beyond the initial obsession and begins to see a larger picture by piecing together seemingly unrelated bits of information. What this person also sees is a series of carefully constructed tests designed to filter out certain personality types and draw in successful “candidates”.

A grand picture of the Incunabula evolves. It all seems very reminiscent of cult like initiations but very different in the sense that they are looking for a very unique personality type. A person who is hedonistic, open minded but skeptical, spiritual, scientifically minded, creative, free spirited, educated, critical. Not the typical initiate of your standard cult. I can break the apparent process down in five simple steps:

  1. Create a interactive medium that immerses the public in an addictive, tantalizing story but keep the content restricted to certain personality types. Reveal concepts and ideas that generally represent your beliefs.
  2. Along the way, feed this portion of the public information which may or may not be true about the story. (Filtration of the idiots)
  3. Those that breach the truths and untruths may pass to the next level of information. Introduce more directed and personal information. Once again reveal accurate and inaccurate information. (Further idiot filtration)
  4. As this select group narrows, inject information that more specifically reveals their personal belief systems, ideals, goals.
  5. If the users ideals, beliefs and goals have been properly modified by the process or the user already fits the mold, those persons are then accepted into the “fold”.

So what is the “Fold” all about any ways? Well…You got me, I never made it that far therefore I fit into the “idiot” category. lol. The bottom line here is that I’m not sure what lies beyond door number 2 in this complex game called Incunabula. This brings me back to the final statements voiced by Joseph and his crew. If this really is some kind of recruiting program then the question becomes: why the sudden sabotage? I can think of many reasons why it was time to end it but here’ s my top three:

  1. Sorry…No new members permitted. Were all full up! Fuck off!
  2. Jeez…People really are stupid. I quit!
  3. Times up. Time to leave this stinking hole we call Earth before it’s to late. “Pack your bags Sally, were goin to Java 2…YEEEHAAA!”

Personally like number 3 the best as it brings the story to a much more appropriate close.

Mastebatory Q and A

So…Is Ong’s Hat/Incunabula a bunch of lies?

  • YES and NO. It’s both and its designed that way for a reason.

Do parallel universe exist?

  • Incunabula aside there is more evidence every year to support this theory by actual scientists, so YES!

Does Ong’s Hat exist?

  • YES. Ong’s Hat was an actual town and it is an actual place on our actual planet we call Earth.

Did Hippies in Airstream trailers live there?

  • I have no idea and as far as I know not one person has a shred of evidence to back up that one.

Do travel egg’s exist?

  • From my own research I can tell you that these egg’s do exist but I’m not sure if they “travel” very far. I would guess that the travel experienced by the user is closer to a intense drug trip than a trip to Java 2. You could call them training pods.

Is this group travelling to parallel worlds?

  • At the risk of sounding like a fool (too late) my gut instinct tells me against all rational thought that these people are travelling to parallel worlds. How do they travel to other worlds? My feeling is that (And I can’t prove one word of it) this is accomplish by a mixture of methods: Technology, Magik, sex, drugs and good times all around.

This is the End. Beautiful friend the end.

This little rant of mine is really for my own sake. A chance to let off Ong/Inc steam and let it all come out. Does this mean that what I am saying is the “Truth”? That depends on how you view truth I suppose. This was my “long time coming” commentary on the meaning of it all. Not a collection of research links but an impression of the extended moment. I have talked uncountable hours with those involved (on all fronts), I have read the boards, ingested the slander, followed the bread crumbs and experienced the strangeness of synchronicity and chaotic destiny. I have come to my own conclusions as you all have and I am satisfied with the mystery. The bottom line here is that Ong’s Hat/Incunabula may be dead in the eyes of many but there are still those of us who play the game. Not to validate the elusive but to simply play.

Denny Unger

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