I have dome some audio works over the years and here is some of it. 

NOTE: I am currently moving all my past podcasts to . The archives will include all the episodes of my past podcasts like: Coincidence Control Network, The GSpot, Cup of TNB, Fear and Loathing on the Internet, G-Pod Radio Archives, Los Angeles Film Festival Series or LA Times Lunch Talk.

If you’d like to keep up with the archive as it is built, just check this URL on a regular basis.


I directed and produced the 2009 Los Angeles Film Festival podcast, The Santa Barbara International Film Festival Podcast and produced the LA Times interview series with John Horn. I have also produced the list of audio works below.

Note- I have a ton of yet to be digitized print, video and audio that I could put here, but I have decided instead to take my time and release a batch every so often.

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