Ongs Hat and the Gate


Oddly enough, this recently showed up on Google. It appears some company is selling a “genuine” Ong’s Hat ring for only $398.00! After reposting a lot of the info from the Ong’a Hat catalog to give back story, they make the following claim:

It is true and I am offering you a ring that was charged by the egg. This belonged to one of the now half breeds that has been born as an interdimensional creature.They look human and it took me a few years to catch a glimpse of one, but I did.The energy from this ring is powerful and does offer to you dimensional travel and the ability to live in that world forever if you choose to. If I were you I would enter through the New Jersey Gate which is easily seen, but that is up to you.

The ring is charged to kill disease in the body,keep you young and even make you younger through cell repair. You will learn how to get your brain waves working so that you may be a trained cognitive chaote. Every thing I have told you including down to the names of the people and them having gone to Princeton can be checked out. Please do so as this is one of the most important discoveries ever. To travel in another dimension is amazing. The one you will go to first has no other beings other then the ones who crossed over. The original people of the pines.

This is not science fiction but reality~!!

Well, that’s quite the claim! I’d like to clarify, this is not an endorsement for this product. I know nothing about it other than of it’s existence, naturally. I do not know this company or anything about them. I post this here merely as a link to a cultural curiosity of the Ong’s Hat mythos.

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