Why Conspiracy Theories Have Become the Most Influential Art Form of Our Time

Andrew Garfield in Under the Silver Lake (2018).

One of the earliest internet-era conspiracy theories, “Ong’s Hat” (look it up) also began as an online art project by Joseph Matheny. It took on an eerie life of its own, and despite Matheny’s later protestations that the project was born as an attempt at culture jamming—hoaxing the media so as to make people second-guess the narratives they are consuming—there are those who still believe this is all part of the cover-up of a secret world of parallel dimensions. (Some have alleged that the origins of QAnon are a similar kind of prank, though, as I’ve said, I don’t believe this.)

LINK: https://news.artnet.com/opinion/why-conspiracy-theories-have-become-the-most-influential-art-form-of-our-time-part-i-1854738

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