‘The Abattoir Pages’ photo album

‘The Abattoir Pages’ photo album

Written & Directed by John Harrigan
Produced by Lucy Allin, James Elphick & John Harrigan
Artistic Directors: John Harrigan & James Elphick
Sound Designers: Victoria Karlsson, P. Emerson Williams & Antoine Bertin
Graphic Designers: P. Emerson Williams & James Curcio
Program Editing & Layout: Tovarich
Set Design Team: Emma Tompkins, Ryan Laight, Greg Simpson, Sam Newman, Abbie Yaxley, Hannah Druckes, Guy Burnett, Faustine Leverbe, Anne Bengard, John Harrigan & James Elphick
Lighting Design by Big Bean Productions
Costume Designers: Syban V, Katie Beves, Johanna Elf, Charlotte Tofield & Tereza Kamenicka
Choreographer, ‘The Procession’: Ria Whitton
Production and Creative Team: John Harrigan, James Elphick, Lucy Allin, Tereza Kamenicka, Victoria Karlsson, P. Emerson Williams, Ruth Middleton, Ivan Tanda, Jan Kamenicky, James Curcio & Joseph Matheny
Stage Managers: James Elphick, Emma Tompkins, Hannah Drukes, Abbie Yaxley, Ivan Tanda & Jan Kamenicky
Treasure Hunt by Hunter-Gatherers & Emma Tompkins
Producer of Online Strategic Development: Joseph Matheny
Photographer: Yiannis Katsaris
Director’s assistants: Ivan Tanda & Kat Gillet

Space Engineering
Big Bean Productions
Grey Lodge
Mythos Media
Dark Mills Festival
The Slaughtered Lamb

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