The GSpot: Rachel Haywire


Joseph Matheny in conversation with Rachel Haywire about the good old BBS days, music, art and all sorts of goodies.  Since this is a special holiday show, they just talked and talked and talked, with no fascist concepts of clocks or calendars. Chaos Never Died! 

Listen or download the show here

Music this week by Rachel Haywire.
Song 1: Dark Discordia
Song 2: Mean Enough Hot Enough (Savage Ideal Dance Club Forsaken mix)

Rachel Haywire is a reality terrorist from the metaphysical gutters of post-apocalyptic hell.

She has an article out in the disinfo anthology “Generation Hex” entitled “Eris is My Biatch.” She also has two songs coming out on a compilation called Women Take Back the Noise.

Besides annihilating reality and deconstructing sound, Rachel Haywire spends her time traveling from city to city and country to country. She likes long walks on the beach and lunatic street riots.


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