Ong’s Hat and the construction of a suspicious model reader

It’s refreshing to see someone make an attempt to understand what I was trying to do with Ong’s Hat and it’s encouraging to see them get it mostly right. Too many so-called journalists have focused on the more sensationalist aspects of my attempt, in the early days of the Internet, at an avant-garde art installation that was not constrained by space and time. 

In this paper, I have brought together concepts from media studies and semiotics of interpretation in an attempt to analyze a complex media phenomenon and its unforeseen persuasive power. This analysis could be built upon to analyze similar phenomena such as conspiracy theories and fake news.

Link to the full paper:

2 Replies to “Ong’s Hat and the construction of a suspicious model reader”

  1. Hey! I’m incredibly excited and just so happy to see you read my article and liked it! I originally heard about your work two years ago in a podcast called Decoder ring and I was thrilled because I’m a big Borges fan (I’m named after him, actually). I was studying a masters in Semiotics and I wrote a paper about it. After a while I decided to make something out of it and I uploaded it here. Really, so very glad you read it!

    1. You are named after one of the greats! Thanks for taking the time to interact with my work. I appreciate your insights.

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