I directed and produced the 2009 Los Angeles Film Festival podcast, The Santa Barbara International Film Festival Podcast and produced the LA Times interview series with John Horn. I have also produced the list of audio works below.

The Incident at Ong’s Hat-Audio drama in the True Crime style. An adaptation of Ong’s Hat The Beginning mixed with elements of my personal life. I also played myself (or a fictionalized version, at least)

Xen – The Zen of the Other, The Audio Drama Audio drama, ebook hybrid project. Streaming + Download. Also, on and Bandcamp

Statio Numero– A six-part podcast series examining the mysteries of Liminal and Xen.
This limited podcast series is the third and final act of The Liminal Cycle, a meta-trilogy.
A story about personas, identity, liminality, and voice.

The Incunabula Papers: Ong’s Hat and Other Gateways to New Dimensions– Audiobook (Amazon, Audible, and iTunes)

Soundcloud edition

Bandcamp edition

Robert Anton Wilson Remembered
Robert Anton Wilson: The Lost Studio Sessions
The Incunabula Papers- Platinum 20-Year Anniversary Audio Book Edition Radio Play
Old GPod Radio Archives (Podcast series)
The GSpot (Podcast series)
Fear and Loathing on the Internet (Podcast series)
Cup of TNB (Podcast series)
CCN (Podcast series)
IMDB (partial list of movies)
Radio collection
Disc of All Trades (appearance)
Television appearances (still negotiating rights to display here)
UFO Crash at Rosewell (co-produced, in acknowledgments, very rare now. Can be found on some torrent networks as we did give it away on Greylodge for a while)
Google Video (adding)
Greylodge (MSNBC says“Check out their whole podcasting section, there’s some really good stuff there.“), also mentioned on WSJ and Boing-Boing.
Transmedia Litany (with Genesis P’Orridge)
The Banishing Ritual with Illusion of Safety–  Banishing Ritual Cover
Note- I have a ton of yet-to-be-digitized print, video, and audio that I could put here, but I have decided instead to take my time and release a batch every so often.



I created and executive produced the Los Angeles Film Festival Podcast and the Santa Barbara International Film Festival Podcast.  Archives: Youtube of SBIFF and LAFF. Also archives over at Alterati.
Produced The “I” in the Triangle with Robert Anton Wilson– [Sample 5 minutes of “I” in the Triangle at RealitySandwich] Free version now on
Appeared in person, in character, at live events for my late friend Dave’s works, Art of the Heist and Catching the Wish.
Contributor to Terra: Extremitas and sponsored Dead Language with Foolish People
Contributor The Abattoir Pages: Foolishpeople- Executive Producer of Online Strategic Development also wrote a piece for the performance.
Visions of Heaven and Hell: I appeared as one of the “hackers” interviewed about technology and it’s social impact. Ran on iTV (UK) and PBS nationally in the states.
A Weekend with the Illuminati: A LARP I co-designed and ran with Robert Anton Wilson over a weekend at the Esalen Institute, in 1991.
Digital audio, etc.
Incunabula  audiobook radio play now available (done radio theater style)
Art Bell, etc.
Multiple roles listed at IMDB

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