Statio Numero

Statio Numero

Liminal Cycle Part III

The third and final part is available now, titled Statio Numero.  This trilogy is called The Liminal Cycle

Xen: The Zen of the Other (as Ezra Buckley)

Liminal Cycle Part II

In a world devoid of rites of passage, Ezra Buckley finds himself confronted with the genuine prospect of having a life-changing, Liminal experience in the woods of Big Sur. What is it that he experiences? Is it the legendary Watchers of Big Sur phenomenon or something else? Will he survive it? Is it even real? Xen is a work that confronts the questions of identity, modernity, life, the other, and the place for rites of passage in the modern world.

This trilogy is called The Liminal Cycle.


Now also available as an audio drama and on Audible.com

 Liminal (as Cameron Whiteside)

Liminal Cycle Part I

Part one of a trilogy, with Xen: The Zen of the Other being part two. The third and final part is titled Statio Numero.  This trilogy is called The Liminal Cycle.



Ong’s Hat: The Begining Authorized Edition 2021

Print, Kindle, and Audiobook 

A newly updated and final edition of the Ong’s Hat companion book. I wanted to have a final version now that I am finished with this project. Many people still want to review the material, so here it is in all its infamy. 


Contributor to The Big Black Book
Become Who You Are
51zkypgzwxl._sx326_bo1204203200_ Beats In Time: A Literary Generation’s Legacy (Chapter 12 is my interview with Diane DiPrima) also to be included in Conversations with Diane di Prima to be published by the University Press of Mississippi in 2021/22.
wpid-lobsterboy-195x300 Transmedia: Who Invited the Lobsters Anyway?
51WyUut6dmL Legend-Tripping Online: Supernatural Folklore and the Search for Ong’s Hat by Michael Kinsella – While clearly, this is a book about my transmedia project, it also includes a lot of things that I wrote as examples, so I include it here. Metamodernism, anyone? And no, this is not by any means a definitive account of the project. 
5114SdNtwfL Rebels and Devils: The Psychology of Liberation edited by Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D. introduced by S. Jason Black foreword by Nicholas Tharcher contributions by William S. Burroughs Joseph C. Lisiewski, Ph.D. Timothy Leary Ph.D., Robert Anton Wilson, Austin Osman Spare, Genesis P-Orridge, Aleister Crowley, Joseph Matheny, Peter J. Carroll, Israel Regardie, Jack Parsons, Phil Hine, Osho, and many others
51zKYPgzWxL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_ Black Book Omega: CIRQUE APOKLYPSIS by Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D. Joseph Matheny, Nick Pell, Calvin Iwema, Wes Unruh, Antero Alli (more info here)
541826744b7672deef7fd5c3ce0a77123d069fb2 Contributor YouTube: An Insider’s Guide to Climbing the Charts(more info here)

Introduction to The Art of Memetics Aside: When I posted about this book on Greylodge, Seth Godin referenced the post as a good example of “How to write like a blogger“ This made me happy. 😉

The Art Of Memetics Pirate Edition

6405024 Contributor/Editor: This is Not a Game: A Guide to Alternate Reality Gaming with Dave Szulborski (Excerpt here )I edited and contributed to: “This Is Not a Game,” which was included in the annual Tween market report that went to marketing executives worldwide in the toy, gaming, and youth market industries. Also, I appeared as myself/in character, in person,  in the “Catching the Wish” ARG by Dave.
kinginyellow Third Realm (The Yellow King)
Written and executed by me, produced in conjunction with Foolish People


My first foray into the True Crime arena. Formula:  Just put up a single, spooky web page that purports to be a recruitment drive for an organization whose actual existence is speculative at best and at worst is fiction presented as fact or paranoid, hysterical hand-waving in the interest of selling books, and you will get all kinds of reactions. In all fairness, I think the theories mentioned read as good fantasy crime fiction, and this was a conceptual attempt at that very thing. Apparently, it succeeded. The unnerving side of this was the equal amount of applications I received asking to join (Really? Join a group of underground serial killers? Really?) or outright death threats by people who really believe in such things.   (Someone summed it up pretty well in this article from The Fenris Wolf)


El Centro & OMEGA

This was an ARG/Transmedia style story with occult/horror/conspiracy elements, started in 2004 and ended in 2006. It utilized the Web, print (booklet), radio, phone trees, theater, and news wire services. [A version of the doughnut shop scene from this story was used in the Amsterdam production of Terra: Extremitas by Foolish People.] This project was done in collaboration with my late friend Dave Szulborski. There’s a loooooong story about this project. Maybe someday.

418PFxwQp5L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_ Contributor: What Would Bill Hicks Say with Ben Mack, Amelia the Great, and Soft Skull Press (along with Jeff Danziger and Martyn Turner; writers Neal Pollack, Robert Newman, and A.L. Kennedy; and Thom Yorke of Radiohead and others…)
Portland_Winter_Light_Festival Contributor: 2004-2005 Exquisite Language project for the 2004 ELfest and collected in the Spring 2005 issue of of 2 Gyrlz Quarterly. NOW AVAILABLE AT POWELLS.COM
51TBYGFMFJL._SX325_BO1,204,203,200_ Introduction, afterward, and editing for Poker Without Cards– First Edition. I orchestrated the first release campaign for this book, with the main character becoming “real” on the Internet for a while. After the first few months, I turned it over to the author. (statement regarding this work here)

GALT’S ARK: The Black Symphony, First and Second Movements

Produced by Cthulhu
The Players: Joseph Matheny, Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D.,
Father Daniel Suders & Nicholas Tharcher
Illustrated by S. Jason Black, Jonathan Sellers, Weirdpixie & MobiusFrame



(The Black Books are considered the workbooks for The Psychopath’s Bible, which I wrote an infamous jacket blurb for.)


  The Incunabula: Ong’s Hat Project
[ Reviews | Interviews, etc. | Wikipedia | History] This was an ARG/Transmedia style story that started in 1988 and ended in 2001. It utilized zines, BBS, early Internet, Web, CD ROM, CD Audio, DVD, print (book, graphic novel, and magazine), radio, phone trees, fax, and news wire services. I gained and leveraged exposure in both the mainstream and alternative media to distribute over 2 million copies of CD ROM, ebook, and print versions of the story combined. Story elements from Ong’s Hat were also included in the EA Game, Majestic, which unfortunately ended prematurely due to 9/11. It was the subject of a full 4-hour show on Coast to Coast AM, the subject of an article on the Weekly World News, and has been covered on many radio shows worldwide, books, newspapers, magazines, etc. Links to media here.


Description: “…a bizarre Internet phenomenon: an “immersive” online experience—part mystery, part game, part who knows what—known as both the Incunabula Papers and Ong’s Hat. The Incunabula Papers/Ong’s Hat was, or is, a “many-threaded, open-ended interactive narrative” that ”weds an alternate history of chaos science and consciousness studies to conspiracy theories, parallel dimensions, and claims that computer-mediated environments can serve as magical tools…. the documents provoked a widespread “immersive legend-trip” in the late 1990s. Via Web forums, participants investigated the documents—manifestos—which spun up descriptions of brilliant but suppressed discoveries relating to paths that certain scientists had forged into alternate realities. Soon, those haunted dimensions existed in the minds and fantasies of Ong’s Hat’s many participants. That was evident as they responded to the original postings by uploading their own—all manner of reflections and artifacts: personal anecdotes, audio recordings, and videos—to augment what became “a really immersive world, and it was vast”. – The Chronicle of Higher Education—-


“Ong’s Hat was more of an experiment in transmedia storytelling than what we would now consider to be an ARG but its DNA – the concept of telling a story across various platforms and new media- is evident in every alternate reality game that came after.” – Games Magazine 2013


Though Ong’s Hat may not have set out to be an ARG, the methods by which the author interacted with participants and used different platforms to build and spread its legend has been reflected in later games. –Know Your Meme


The Incunabula Papers are arguably the first immersive online legend complex that introduced readers to a host of content, including what religious historian Robert Ellwood has called the “alternative reality tradition. – Legend-Tripping Online: Supernatural Folklore and the Search for Ong’s Hat


As a companion piece to understanding some of the history of the transmedia work that centered around Ong”s Hat you may also want to read Legend-Tripping Online: Supernatural Folklore and the Search for Ong’s Hat,  reviewed here.


The Incunabula Papers CDROM was recently included in the BNF (Bibliothèque nationale de France) digital art collection.

22886826 Game Over? (currently re-vamping this for re-release)…but if you just HAVE to have it now, someone is selling one for $900 over here. 😛
brochure_egg What Really Happened at Ong’s Hat?

The Incunabula Papers (CD ROM) Free ebook versions here



Incunabula: The Graphic Novel Free ebook version here



Why DVD? (B and N Digital Bestseller)


  • A booklet published in April-99
  • Over 100,000 in circulation to date
  • Available from booksellers nationwide in October reprinted by:
  • DVD Creation Magazine
  • Videography Magazine
  • (printed copy sent out with each issue – July,1999)
  • Video Systems magazine
  • and many others

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