The GSpot: Steve Peters



Joseph Matheny in conversation with old friend Steve Peters. Steve is a founding member of No Mimes Media, who produced the Why So Serious for The Dark Knight and  Year Zero for Nine Inch Nails ARG/Transmedia Experiences and a host of others.  Also, In Your Ear reviews John Hummel Blogs the Religions.

Listen here

Steve Peters (born 1961) is a game designer specializing in alternate reality games. He worked with alternate reality game design company 42 Entertainment as Experience Design Director. His projects there included contributions to Why So Serious (for the film The Dark Knight), Year Zero (for the Nine Inch Nails album Year Zero), The Vanishing Point (Microsoft’s Vista Release), Dead Man’s Tale (for the film Pirates of the Caribbean II: Dead Man’s Chest), and Last Call Poker (Activision’s Game Gun).

Previously, he was a designer on Metacortechs (an independent Alternate Reality Game based in the Matrix universe), and founded the Alternate Reality Gaming Network (now ARGNet) in 2002, and Vital Productions International (now Vital Interactive Media) in 1987. Steve is currently a partner at No Mimes Media, an Alternate Reality Game company which he co-founded with Maureen McHugh and Behnam Karbassi in March 2009. (Wikipedia)

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