let’s be conspiracy theorists: hollow earth, inter-dimensional travel, oh-my!


This is a take that’s a little different than the normal podcast we usually feature on here. I love listening to these young people giving their hot takes. The volume is a little low on this so prepare.

listen to us do our best to explain a conspiracy theory to one another and candidly discuss. do tall beautiful giants and aliens live inside our hollow earth? is ong’s hat the true tale of inter-dimensional travel? in glowing hour we touch on some shorter and more fun theories. also, fuck helicopters flying around LA all afternoon, we promise we are investing in better mics for next season.

Show Link: https://anchor.fm/glow-getter-collective7/episodes/lets-be-conspiracy-theorists-hollow-earth–inter-dimensional-travel–oh-my-el5m7r/a-a3ift6e

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